Shared Folders - Onedrive no Syncing (2)

Any new answers for this unsolved topic?

It takes a long time for us to get some solution

Hello! We apologize for the delay in this investigation. This is still ongoing and we’d love your continuous help on this. Please resend your log files under the latest version of Insync (version 3.7.3) when you experience this bug along with the name of the folder that’s losing connection.

We try to resolve as many bugs as we can fit in one (1) release cycle and every update release addresses bugs/issues. Thank you for letting us know that you’re still experiencing this under the latest version.

We’ll wait for your feedback at

Thank you for the answer. Actually, I’m not sure the problem is being experienced under the latest version, because after waiting for a while without answer I stopped synchronizing shared folders because of the lack of reliability of synchronization. I’ll try again to sync folders shared with me from a SharePoint and report back to you on my experience, including the app logs. By the way, please, can you remind me which folder the logs are in, and which is their filename?
Thank you in advance.

Hello, @tafol :slight_smile:

Stepping in for Mara! The logs can be found by following this guide:

You can scroll to the latter part of the article for further instructions if you prefer not to open the app. Please include the following:

  • logs.db
  • out.txt
  • “data” folder
  • “live” folder

If they are too big as an email attachment, feel free to upload it in the cloud and send us a shared link to download. :slight_smile:

any news on this issue?

Hi @PaulAblinger! We’ve sent this to our engineers as one of the top priority issues in our upcoming projects cycle. There is no further update yet but our team will make sure to keep this thread updated once we know more from our engineers’ investigation.

Thank you!

Hi, I sent the logs of 2 computers where the error occurs. I hope they’ll help solve the problem soon. Greetings

any news? i can’t use the product you sold me because it doesn’t work…