Shared Folders - Onedrive no Syncing

So I logged a support on October 13. The last repose was from Mara on 25th October simply saying:

"Hello, Colin.

We apologize for the delay. Our developers are still looking into this and I’ll let you know immediately once they have further questions or feedback regarding your case."

So utterly useless.

  • I have a shared folder (which is the major folder for our team in OneDrive. This folder starts to sync and then stops and reverses the process by removing the local folders.
  • Under the shared config in the app window that folder appears, thus allowing me to sync, and then disappears.
  • If I flick back to just my files and then come back to shared the folder appears, allowing the process above to start again.

So Insync is utterly useless to me as I cannot work and collaborate with the group unless via the web app. TOTALLY THE REASON THAT I PURCHASED THIS PIECE OF CRAP.

The issue occurs on:

  • POPOS - 21.40
  • Fedora 34.

Surely I can get a quicker response than one month.

Seriously unhappy.


Hi @colinlinke. I completely understand your sentiments; I think anyone in your position would feel this way knowing that Insync is not working as expected :frowning:

I’ve reached out to Mara to get more context on the issue and have also followed up with our engineers. We’ll check further what may be causing the repetitive local deletions and also investigate a possible fix to get Insync running properly again. Let me know if there’s anything else you need help with!

Still waiting!!
Not sure I can deal with this issue much longer… I paid for a service and don’t get it. ah well…

Really! Nothiing?

So how do we progress?

Hi! Apologies for the late response. Our engineers thinks that this may have been possible when the Insync process was killed, it may have inconsistent file data in the config folders. Can you please resend us the logs.db again but include the data/live files too?

Again, sorry for the delay and we really appreciate the follow ups.

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Where do I send them?
I have delted previous emails.

Please send them to

Thank you!

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Any updates? I have the exact same problem in Ubuntu 20.04

Hi @Mos_Tafa,

Our engineers are still checking this out. Could you please confirm, by “exact same problem”, that you are experiencing unwanted folder removal and the shared config persistently disappearing on the app?

If so, please do send your logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this post. Those 2 files can be found in ~/.config/Insync.

So here we are. almost 2 months from first enquiry and nothing has changed. This is actually a rather poor customer service.

wow. I cannot believe that this is still not being addressed and fixed

Hello! Sincerest apologies for the delay. After rechecking, it seems like it we’re at a roadblock for this issue. There’s a possibility that these folders are locally managed SharePoint sites and sometimes, there may be instances where it doesn’t connect, causing the folder to not show up in the list.

Right now, our best bet is to get more data from users who are experiencing this as well so we can compare the log files and identify the bug.

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Hello, I have the same issue.
I have the problem in the Shared section. In this section, some folders visible from the OneDrive web app appear and disappear from the Insync app. When they are seen, I can 2-way sync, but when they are missing, they are gone from my hard drive and there is no trace in the Home»feed.
Everything happens the same as colinlinke described in his first post in this thread.
Indeed, the folders that disappear are folders shared with me whose original hosting is a SharePoint.
I use KDE Neon linux distribution (Based in Ubuntu Focal) with KDE Plasma 5.23.5 desktop.
I’ll send the logs.db and out.txt files to with a link to this thread.
Please, try to resolve the issue.


Thank you so much for reporting this! We’ll check this out as well. We appreciate you!

This is happening to me as well in Windows 11 for OneDrive. My Google Drive sync is working as expected. I recently updated the software and this started happening. Can we get old versions to test if they are still working?

@frelled Don’t bother asking. they do not support the app at all. Just take your cash and run. pathetic.

Hello, are you still working on this issue? I need to know if it will be fixed or not. It is really annoying and very insecure to work with that problem.
If you need more log files, I have another PC with Insynch installed and I can send it to you.
Please, tell us something about the progress of this subject.

Hello, how is it going?

Hello! I’ve got the same issue. OneDrive - Linux Mint 20.2

Shared Orders show up are synced and then all of a sudden vanish again and are gone from the hard drive as well… Last time a couple of GB

currently the app don’t deliver what promised and is in that form no use…

ah and by the way now this happens during a syncing process as well. Folders come and go…

Hello, @tafol and @PaulAblinger. Here is a related discussion to your inquiry: Shared Folders - Onedrive no Syncing (2)

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