Slow Install on mac 10.5.8

I am trying to install insync on a 10.5.8 mac and I have got the “setting up your account, this might take some time” message but its been going 15 mins now and I dont think it should be that slow.

Anyone else experienced this?

@Nick_Thorley It is possible that setup might be taking a long time if you have a large number of top-level folders and files on Drive, or if you have a slow connection. However, 15 minutes or more does seem suspiciously excessive.

Could you send in your logs so we can check whether some error has in fact occurred that is preventing setup from continuing? How to find the log files

Thanks for your reply - it is now syncing but it is only doing one file about every 10 secs - is there a configuration option / flag I can assign to give it more bandwidth so that it will sync faster?


@Nick_Thorley Right now, there’s no way to force Insync to use more bandwidth. That said, it shouldn’t be taking this long. And if you’re willing to send in your logs and start an email conversation with support, we can look into it.

Jimperio - I would love to send in logs and start a conversation. Pleas could you confirm how I start a conversation - is it best via email and if so whats the best address. Could you also let me know what you class as a log - should I zip the entire folder structure - ie dbs, logs,db, cacerts.txt and out.txt?


@Nick_Thorley Best via email, send it to If you can, yes it would be helpful to just send a zip of the entire folder structure.