SOLVED: Upgrading from 1.5x to 3.0.15 Linux, keeping folders: 100% CPU load, all hangs, no progress

On two machines, I experience a lot of issues with the 3.0.x version.
No more sync seems possible, after reboot, it shows a list of “syncing 12 items” but no more progress.

100% CPU (single core) is slowing down the whole system.

I uninstalled/reinstalled, but no change, it keeps the account-config.

Any idea how to DELETE an account from a local installation of insync? Then I may try to add the account from scratch and choose a new folder etc.

Thanks for any tip.

Quick question: How can I downgrade to 1.5x as an interim solution?

Upgrading to 3.0.16, removing the accounts, adding them, resync everything appears to work.

The total #of files after re-sync does not match the one from the previously backed up sync folder.
It is probaly related to hidden .ds* files that were not uploaded before, so cannot be downloaded through the re-sync from Google Drive.

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Hi @pkoerner81929,

Glad that syncing works on 3.0.16! Thanks for this update. :slight_smile: I’m confirming with our team if the *.ds files are causing the mismatch in total file count. Aside from this, do you observe any missing files after the resync?

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My client has the same problem: 100% of CPU load but no syncing progress.
I’m using ubuntu 18.04 and insync 3.0.15 from 15/08/19.

Hi @leobap,

Could you confirm if this still occurs after updating to 3.0.16?

Yes, after updating to 3.0.16 version the problem was solved.
Thanks for your support.

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