Some files appear at the root level rather than within folders

I have just installed the Windows client and synced. In the web-based version of Google Drive, there are a handful of folders and just a couple files in my drive. But in my Insync folder in Windows, there are TONS of files. Where did they come from, and why are they not in their appropriate locations?

Hi @Gil_Kasparek it might be that there are publicly shared files in your Google Drive. Can you kindly check? Thank you :smile:

Perhaps that is what is happening, but it’s really confusing to see all those documents there. Is there some way to hide them or move them into their own folder?

Hi @roald please kindly respond to this :smile:

@Gil_Kasparek: Please right click those files and folders and choose “Selectively Unsync” for them.



Is this the only solution? There are a ton of files, and I suspect more will show up as they are shared with me. I would hope these could be automatically moved into a seperate folder like “Unclassified” or “Unsorted”, etc. If this is not already a feature, is it something your product manager might consider adding?

@Gil_Kasparek: I will raise this with the team.

You would know this already but I would like to mention it here for the others that for the shared files/folders that are not already added to My Drive (or are not present under any other shared folders), Insync offers you a choice whether you want to sync those or not. Once you choose sync, it syncs those in the main Insync (or root) folders

@Gil_Kasparek One way to selectively unsync all of them at once is to go to the “Shared with me” under the “Selective sync” section and unselect the unwanted files/folders and Apply changes.

See this is an old case but after what I see in my company is this still a case. The can be because of the public share, but I don’t think that make sense. One file that is in a folder that you have sync on, shalt not give a new shared parts that go to root. This is just a Insync case and the root share is not showing under shared with me on the Google Disk. I have never seen this on Google Disk software.

Is this something that working on or is the some fix for this?

@Roger_O Sorry for not being able to get back to you.

Please note that when a sharee deletes a file, it gets unparented/orphaned. Therefore it ends up as a new incoming share (and gets listed under shared with me on the Insync’s interface) for other sharees and the owner. If you choose to sync it, it will get sync’d under the root.

Such files do not show up under Google Drive web’s “Shared with me” but should still be searchable/accessible via your Google account.


Hello, I got the same issue, not with just files but also folders, and while I do understand that orphaned folders unshared by other users are copied to the root for safety, those are mostly copies of existing sub-folders that I still own. They were barely shared with my other Drive account.

In other words, I just have to delete them (truly delete them on both computer and Drive) as they really are just copies of things I already have, in much more organized places.

I suspect that when moving some files in shared folders, a copy of their old self get incorrectly tagged as orphans and start getting duplicated in the root.

Hi @huulong!

Sorry for the trouble. Any chance that these files were converted to Google Drive shortcuts?

If not, could you send the following to

  • Name of some of the items that got copied to the root (2 to 3 examples will do)
  • Screenshot of the item’s Google Drive Activity (so we can check when it happened and what action was done like move, delete, restored, etc)
  • logs.db and out.txt files. Here’s how you can find these 2 files: