Status on MyDrive shows yellow check mark instead of Green

Why does my Insync show a yellow check mark against a directory instead of a Green mark.
If I expand the directory then all files inside are marked green.


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Same here, using .24 version

It’s supposed to indicate files/folders that were matched to the cloud without actually syncing. My understanding is when you add an existing account, insync 3.x goes through the file database and queries the cloud to confirm it exists. If it does, it gets a yellow check. As opposed to new accounts that require actual file transfers to sync, which gives green checks.

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@kyle is correct guys, is this the same use case for you guys? @Alan_Miller @Sebita?

Yes that are the setup.
Problem are to fix this are to delete the account in Google drive and resync, seems to be a waste of bandwidth.

Surely if all the files matched and are marked green why not the directory as well.

Now I have to go into each directory’s structure and manually check that files are OK.

I confirm. Folders yellow, all files green. I don’t want to sync all again but reading other user’s opinion I think I have no choice.

I checked with a diff program and almost 1GB of files were not sync. Then run OverGrive and it sync a the 1GB, confirmed with GDrive using an extra 1GB.
So something seriously wrong with InSync

We’re currently prioritizing investigating inconsistent syncing, stuck sync issues. If you guys can send in your logs that would we be great to help with the investigation.

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Hi from 2022! Any solution?

Hello! Could you let me know if you’re experiencing any sync issues (error messages for example), or is the Insync UI showing the parent folders with a yellow check even if they are fully synced?

If it’s the latter, you can click on the Cloud Selective Sync button, and uncheck then re-check the Parent Folder that’s in yellow. Afterwards, click Sync. This should turn the badges to green :slight_smile: