Support for the Google "Team Drives"



is there any planned support for the (new) Google Team Drives (G suite “Drive for teams”) ?


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Quite likely. Do you have a specific feature in mind?


I don’t have nothing special on my mind - it will be great for the start if the Team Drive will works the same way as the standard Drive…


I’d love to see support for this as well. We’re already using Team Drives fairly heavily; it would be great just to be able sync them to a local folder. I’ve grown quite fond of being able to get to those files locally rather than having to rely on the interface or Google’s own sync app.

One use case I have is migrating files from my own drive to a team drive - I’d like to be able to bulk copy or move files and folder structures between the two, without the need to go to Google Drive.


Unfortunately, Google Drive APIs do not currently support Team Drives :scream:


I’m told that the API is now enabled for Team Drives, but I’ve no idea what needs to be done to support it.


Curious where you got this info…do you have a link?


We use the Drive API in our product. One of our customers filed a support ticket with Google and the Google rep came back yesterday saying it had just now been enabled, but that it was up to each 3rd party vendor to implement support for it. I asked him to go back to the rep and ask exactly what that means, i.e. implement support for Drive generally, or specifically for Team Drive.



@jimperio had a look see and found no available public API related to Team Drives :frowning: Might have been a pre-mature announcement by Google rep.


It’s not public anywhere. This is what the rep said when asked how to access it:

Our developers and partners can apply for access to Team Drives API documentation by sending out an email to address.

We kindly expect our partners to be already whitelisted for Team Drives feature before applying for the API functionality. They can apply for Team Drives Early Access via


This is a big deal. I am currently evaluating solutions to the problem that Team Drive is supposed to solve.

I totally trust Insync - your product has been rock solid for 100% of the time I have used it. If you guys roll out support for Team Drive - and even go beyond, work to offer support with Drive management, then our company will go from 1 customer to 100% customers with you. (I have been trying to quietly persuade people to adopt your product, but that will change if Team Drive and Insync are well aligned.) OK, my company is on the small end but we are a nice nonprofit so maybe we get some extra love.

My suggestion is that you not only support Team Drive, but you offer either consulting or additional products to complement organizational deployment of Google Drive. There are a couple of companies in that space also, maybe you could partner with them if you don’t have the capability to scale up solo.


It does not matter if you are a big or small company, Insync is not suitable for businesses. We bought 10 licenses to through a pilot, we really liked the results. Our company has 3000 potential users but we need some guarantees like .msi installation, premium support, control panel. I’ve been sending messages day and night asking if they have plans on delivering this features… No answer, they just don’t know, so we might decide to take a step back until it becomes suitable for companies.


Insync supports msi installation. We are also working on a “Work/Teams” plan that will include premium support. What did you have in mind for a control panel?


What specific Drive management features do you require? We will be supporting local sync of Team Drives.


Hi Terpua, thanks for your answer. Actually the msi installation is not available, Insync engineers told me to get the msi from the business dashboard. We tried to access to the dashboard but a message is shown “it is not available for this type of account”. I contacted Insync’s support once again, to try to find a solution. They say “Prime” is the only type of account available and you don’t have a .msi file for installation yet… I don’t know what you mean when saying “Insync supports msi installation”, could you explain that?

By control panel I meant a dashboard where you can get installation files, contact support and manage users accounts.



Support will contact you with the details on msi installation and setting up a GPO on Prime. It’s available now.

Re: control panel – this will be a part of the “Work/Teams” plan :slight_smile:


Hello @terpua

I have received the .msi file for install… I’m passing it to our IT department!

Thanks for your quick attention and response.


Sure thing @DaniellaGC!

Let me know if it works.


Do you have a timeline for supporting local sync of Team Drive folders?

Team Drives solves a lot of issues that were causing us to rely heavily on Dropbox. Insync support for this would allow us to go from testing Insync with one user to using it with 10+ users. thanks.


It will be included in v1.5 under a Works plan.