Support for the Google "Team Drives"



Another vote for Team Drive support.


Thank you for the reply. To reiterate my question, what is the timeline? When will this version be available?


We don’t share specific timelines, sorry.


That’s unfortunate. We are in the midst of making a decision about our cloud storage platform. Insync would have been an important part of deciding to go with G Suite, but we can’t wait around with no information. Thanks for helping make our decision easier by eliminating Insync as an option.


I’m looking forward into syncing Team Drives locally…


Another vote for Team Drive support…


The more votes the likelier Team Drive support is included in 1.4 :wink:


Come on! Please don’t state Team Drive as a vote dependent new feature. It’s quite more than that! Should Insync not consider implementing Team Drive support as soon as possible, GoogleDrive syncing itself is going to be unfairly limited. We (and probably you as well) understand Team Drive is a major solution for the Google Drive cloud system at all: Insync must give Google Drive this precious and strategic support: TEAMDRIVE ASAP!


Team Drive is NOT a vote dependent feature. Voting in this instance is time dependent; the more votes we get the likelier it will be included in 1.4, rather than 1.5.


Another vote for Team Drive functionality


I vote for this too!


Team Drive Support is Vital moving forward to our continued used of InSync.


+1 for Team Drive, vital for my business’ continued use of Insync as well.


First, my VOTE. Team Drives is now live and available to all users. But when I open up the Insync panel, it doesn’t show Team Drive, just My Drive. Add Team Drive with selective sync and bingo. ASAP.

We are almost 100% certain to implement Team Drive and as part of staff training I would like to strongly encourage (as in nearly mandate) that everyone install Insync and use it to mirror the parts of Team Drive that they are using onto their hard drive.

In terms of other requirements - not closely related to existing core strengths of Insync - we are looking for tools to manage GDrive/Team Drive folders. Moving folders (regardless of ownership) and their contents (again, regardless of ownership) from one location to another.

Also reassigning ownership of folders & their contents. So if FolderA and its Docs1-5 are all owned by UserX … and FolderA is also editable by UserY who has added Docs6-9 to it … I want to be able to select FolderA and change ownership from UserX to UserZ, transferring FolderA and Docs1-5 all in one single simple action, but not affecting ownershipo of Docs6-9.

I realize these aren’t the things that Insync is good at providing. We have evaluated cloudpages, cpanel, powertools, aodocs, and bettercloud. These tools are operating in this space but none is a home run, I have the sense that they don’t really deeply understand the GDrive system architecture that well. Maybe you do and could partner with one of them to improve their offering and then offer a bundle deal of the two products to really give organizations simple control over Drive content.


We are looking to add more than just syncing features and a “share center” you outlined above is part of that :slight_smile:

Would you prefer a share center that’s part of the desktop app or web service?


If I can’t have both solutions I would go for the desktop app service.


Would love to add my vote to adding Team Drive support for Insync ASAP.


+1 vote from me and +12 from coworkers for their clients.


Another vote for Team Drive


Hi @terpua

Unfortunately, installation didn’t go as well as we expected, actually it was unsuccessful since we can’t install through GPO Policy.

We need to install through a Windows admin account but having other user on the same desktop been able to work with Insync installed.

Our IT team is struggling with the same problems than before when installing the app… They will need:

  •   Install via admin user, but available for all user profiles on a windows desktop.
  •   Silent uninstall via command line.
  •   Silent installation via command line.
  •   Auto-update feature disabled.
  •   Avoid opening a browser window when a user logs in.

We were able to install successfully with the .msi of Google Drive Sync, just giving you a clue of how it should work for us.