Support for the Google "Team Drives"



+1 for version 1.4 or earlier… need this as soon as possible


+1 for version 1.4 :slight_smile:


Hello @DaniellaGC,

Did the installation fail when you tried implementing per-user software installation GPO or did you not try GPO at all?



+1 for teamdrive asap


A share center as a web service, of course!


+1 Team Drive sync - I know google will have drive filestream out of alpha in no time but we totally need something soon!


Another +1 for Team Drive, be great to get our team back to using InSync again!


Another vote for Team Drive


+1 for being able to use Google “Team Drives” in InSync just like other Google Drive folders.

On a related note, Google is implementing another sync product for Team-Drives, etc. It’s in beta. I think it’s a company they acquired. Appears to be something in-between a “map drive” functionality (where nothing is synced off-line) and normal Google Drive functionality (where only off-line synced files are available as a local file system).

However, I think there is still room for InSync to operate in the way we are all familiar - just adding this new set of “Team Drives” folders to the list of possible folders, or another top-level folder structure or something.


+1 here

Am fed up scripting Team Drive downloads using an API


+1 here. Team drive support is definitely required.


+1 for linux support asap. This is sooo overdue from Googles side…


+1 for Team Drive support!


Another vote for Team Drive


Any update? I hope you got access to the Team Drive API at least!!!


Yes we have access and it’s being looked at :slight_smile:


+1 for the team drive support


+1 for team drives support :slight_smile:


+1 for team drives support


+1 for team drives support