Support for the Google "Team Drives"



Team Drive syncing will be included in 1.4 which is currently in the works under a new Work plan. Thanks.


Great! At last some good news. :relaxed: We’re closer to that.


Is 1.4 version the next Insync release?


There’s still 1.3.17 and possibly 1.3.18 but that’s all for the 1.3 series unless a hotfix is required.


Insync TeamStaff (:grin:) is aware we are pushing our strengths while holding for Insync TeamDrive support, right?


Eagerly awaiting Team Drive support.


Super news! Please tell me it only takes a few weeks to roll out a new version! (I know you won’t publicly state a date, but I can still ask)


Something like that :slight_smile:


Looking forward to Team Drive support!!!


+1 this is sorely needed. Any beta version available for us eager early adopters?


My company switched to Team Drives so I can’t wait for the support of that feature in inSync!!
+1 times one hundred!!!


+1 Team Drive ASAP!!


Team Drives API was released in early June. The newest version of Expandrive already supports it…


+1 to team drive. Our work uses it now, so insync is useless to me without it


+1 ×10²³ {we need TeamDrive}


+1 for team drives support
I hope it will be release soon ! :slight_smile:


+1 for Team Drives. Essential feature!


+1 again, are we there yet? Our backup solution has implemented team drives. Just waiting for insync before moving.


+1 for tracking purposes.


+1 for Team Drive support.