Sync is dead slow

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Another question: can I use the web client to upload my files from insync folder (upload to same folder on web)? Would insync be smart enough to know that these are the same files and skip these files? It would be really pain to wait for weeks just for 15 gb of files.

I can see this issue has still not been addressed.

I have 650,000 (320gb) files and at current speed it’s going to take 3 months to do an initial sync.

Dropbox synced 63gb in about 24 hours.

What is going on here???

I would like faster sync as well. I have many thousands of small files, mostly due to software development. Is the 2 file limit due to the Google Drive API you use? That’s my guess, they artificially limit access to 3rd parties. It would explain why the Google Drive native app synchronizes much faster than Insync. But this is just speculation.

Edit: Nevermind, I looked at the API documentation and found no mention of a file limit. They have batch capability, but only for metadeta updating, not for upload/download of files. So looks like it’s up to Insync to implement batch (more than 2) upload/download capability.

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We have plans to implement a feature in a future version wherein you can set the number of files you want to sync at a time. We currently have this set to two to avoid bandwidth congestion.

We will announce when we plan to release this feature.


This was raised 2 years ago and there doesn’t seem to be any progress in finding a solution?

I’ve moved from Windows 10 to Ubuntu 16.04 so installed/ bought InSync to use as there is no Google Drive client for Linux.

I started my initial sync and the number of files in the queue is going up as other users add files to shared folders, our development environment generates files dynamically and new coding projects are added.

It started at around 360,000 now around 447,000 - this is madness, that number should be going down, not up.

From experience the Google Drive client could completely resync the same number of files from scratch in 1-2 days.

The multiple file sync feature should be top priority - it simply isn’t working for a lot of us in it’s current form.


hi! Initial sync does take some time but it should get faster after files have settled. The number of files could be rising because Insync creates temporary files during the scanning process.

if it stops progressing or for any other issue, you can send your log files to for investigation: How to find the log files

Are any updates planned?
It’s extremely slow every time, with 30k files total.
Having troubles with FAST syncing some (10-15) recently modified files with another PC.
With Google Drive client it happens in seconds.
With InSync client I have to wait for 30 min or even more.

The problem is that you are trying to scan the whole of the linked Google Drive initially. In a large number of cases users are not interested in syncing their whole GDrive but rather only specific folders.

I have made the suggestion before that as a default when you initially connect a new GDrive account, it should not automatically select the whole drive but rather give you an option to only select the folders you are interested in syncing (like you can do with selective syncing). The initial sync can then be limited to only the selected folders which in most cases will be a fraction of the total drive. This will significantly speed up the initial sync and also any later re-syncs.
I was promised that this is a feature that was being looked into but as always its been months (just look at when this thread started) and its still only pie in the sky. :frowning:

I still do not understand why you feel the need to continuously keep doing full background syncs even if one has set up a selective sync folder(s) set. This is a total waste of time and resources by storing folder data that sit totally outside of the selected synced folder(s). All of this adds up to these huge delays when doing initial syncs and re-sync!

Here is yet another thread dealing with the same issue and same empty promises:


On the other side, I have Windows PC, with standart Google FREE client app.
It doesn’t asks me about limiting number of folders to be synced, to do sync faster.
It just do its work.Fast. Reliable. Cool.
But not cross-platform.

Mine has been running for at least 6 hours and has 150k files to go. At this rate it won’t be done for a month! I’d appreciate a bulk copy or initial sync to speed up the first use. I’ll be taking this computer (Linux, 2.7G i7, 32G RAM, SSD) on a work trip on Sunday (3 days). If Insync hasn’t finished by then, the future isn’t looking good.

1 day here already, searching for first sync:

I even know if this will be sync one day soon…

Win 10 x64
AMD FX 8350 @ 4Ghz
24Gb RAM
Samsung Evo SSD
Google Drive 1Tb

This isn’t make me buying the software, sorry.

hi! “items queued” means Insync is scanning your local files and comparing them with your files in the cloud to see if any files need to be synced. For now it’s best to let Insync go through this initial process.

you can send your log files to if progress stops.

That first sync is deadly slow… :frowning:

Just yesterday the sync started.

Bump. Initial sync is only uploading (after scanning completed) about 1 file every second. Most files are PDF under 300KB. Currently have about 78,800 files left to sync (under 200 gig). I’m on a 50mb/s upload connection, I really would like to see Insync utilize this upload bandwidth.
I’m in Florida and trying to upload a full backup of our files before Hurricane Irma gets here.

Why isn’t the number of upload threads user configurable? Limiting to 2 concurrent uploads doesn’t do anything to conserve bandwidth because when it does upload larger files it does seem to utilize the available bandwidth, so much so that i can not run Insync at my office as it tends to hog bandwidth when uploading large file and affects our VoIP quality, so I bring the backup home and upload from there.
Having the option to increase the upload connections would be amazing (don’t care if I max out my home upload connection), but it would be even better to allow us to set the number of transfers at once as well as specify a max upload and max download speed.

My current sync is primarily small pdf files, only uploading 2 at a time at 1 per second is going to take 21 days to finish syncing… I dont have 21 days. I hardly have 21 hours at this point. (have been processing this sync for about 5 days already)

Do you have a beta or a dev version of the Insync software that we could try?

This issue has been on the boards for years!

Please help.

Thank you.

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I installed on Saturday, have 800gig of Google Drive, so far about 200gigs has been synced, I also would like to see a way to increase files syncing at same time, I have business internet so no worries about congestion on my end.

When will you announce this??

Another “me too”. I am syncing 130000 small files, 2,6 GB in total. At the current rate, this is going to take more than a month…

I can speak from the future, it never finishes. I left my computer on for over 30 days and I still have 1,822,246 files remaining. About every 12 seconds the number decreases by 1. But its using 90% of my CPU this entire time! Gotta mine those coins I guess.

Hi @knipknap,

Could you send your log files to with the link to this post?

Hi @Gabriel_Fair!

Got your email and replied to it as well. :slight_smile: You can reach me on that thread directly. Thank you!