Trial license expired but have paid for licence

I came home today to find my Insync client saying Teams Trial expired but I have bought a licence for a personal copy and been using it for years.

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My freed also says I purchased a Teams Trial plan 1 hour ago but I was hiking down a mountain at the time.

same problem

Same here:

I have lifetime license for years and now this… I didn’t purchase anything!

Oddly it still seems to be syncing despite saying it won’t.

My Google drive main folder is still syncing, but my Shared Drives are no longer syncing, and worse whenever I right click in my file manager (dolphin, KDE) on anything in a Shared Drive, the file manager will crash, so that’s fun and new.

Same problem, I’ve payed too

Refreshing license seems to work but is strange

Yes, I can confirm that fact. Sync is still working …?!

Same has happened to me.

This just started for me as well. I can no longer sync and the Refresh License does not work. Of course it happens just when I really need it. BTW. I am on running on Linux.

Updated – I can now seem to sync things that I already had selected but I can’t add or remove folders to sync since I get the license expired screen instead of the directory tree. Sadly it is a new folder that I need to sync so I am still out of luck there.

Same here. I was wondering where the heck my files went (on the other machine) when I noticed the red icon. I have an “8h ago” notice of “You have purchased a Teams Trial plan” uh… no, no I have not.

same here but with an ubuntu machine

Same here. This is completely unacceptable. Being careless enough in your license schema change to let your paid customers’ installations to become no longer valid, stopping the app from functioning as expected, potentially breaking their workflow. I’m frankly very disappointed.

I read the documentation on your new license model. I understand the need to get more revenue to support ongoing development, but I really hope you guys don’t break previous promises of bug fixes and updates to existing lifetime license holders. Honestly, all of your license changes over the past few years has been an absolute mess. Insync is the only OneDrive client that I’ve found that fits my needs, but it’s been a troublesome and buggy mess for years. I hope that the additional revenue helps you fix Insync’s many quirks and annoyances, but again, please uphold the promises that were made to existing license holders.

Same problem here with me!

Mac OS M1


Force-quit Insync and re-launch it. For me, that caused the app to resume syncing despite the interface still saying I need to buy a license. Hopefully they’ll fix this issue soon because it’s absurd that it could have ever possibly happened.

Hi! Please refer to this post I have just made for our users: 🪲 Bug announcement: Paid license but it showing as an expired trial? Please read!

Because of this, I now have folders which are out of sync. Force-quit, restart is not syncing all of the files/directories, and Insync shows a Green Checkmark (all’s good!)

The product is currently non-functional for files that changed after this licensing issue started, but before we observed the insync notification and did the force-quit.

This is not just a bug with the license check. I have lost confidence that my machines are synchronized.

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Hi @Paul_Zaremba!

Please do try to update the cloud copies for the files that have been out of sync. You can then unsync these files from the app, then resync it so the updated copies sync down to your machines.

Alternately, if you made local changes, you can move those files out of the sync folder first, then move them back so it re-uploads. Let me know how that goes.