Unable to sync files with symlinks

I use the Insync on Linux and try to insert a symlink of a folder i need to be synced into BaseInsyncFolder.

I found a strange log record in logs.db

DROP AddCloudGDItem(parent_id=-1, name='Projects') -- Syncing symlinks isn't supported yet

Result is the symlinked folder is in BaseInsyncFolder but nothing happens and it is not synced. Insync version is 3.1.8, OS Kubuntu 18.04

The log entry is pretty self explanatory. As far as I know, unfortunately insync v3.x doesn’t yet support symlinks. Pretty sure v1.5.7 did. So maybe use that if it supports your OS. Pretty sure it’s been mentioned that it’s on the roadmap for v3.x but not sure if it’s a priority. Maybe there’s a thread on feature requests.

Tx for the answer. i’ve solved my issue in another way.

Pretty sure it’s been mentioned that it’s on the roadmap for v3.x

Where i can find such a roadmap to read?

I’m not aware of any public roadmap. This thread is the closest I could find: Is there some Roadmap for Insync?

Here’s another thread regarding symlinks in v3.x: Will Insync 3.x EVER support Symlinks?

Thank you for those links.

Hi @Notsame_Way,

Currently, symlinks can be synced via “Local Selective Sync” on our app but I would also like to know if you only want the link to be synced, and not the target file/folder itself.

What would be your use case? :slight_smile: