Unexpected error doing AddCloudGDItem: Internal Error

I upgraded to InSync v3.0.23.40579 two days ago, and am now getting quite a lot of the following errors:

  • Unexpected error doing AddCloudGDItem: Internal Error

I am also getting a couple of these errors (but not as many as the error above):

  • Unexpected error doing DownloadGDBlob: [filename]: Mismatched checksum

Even when I retry, the errors come back. In the 2 days since the upgrade, I now have 9 of the “AddCloudGDItem” errors, and 2 of the “DownloadGDBlob” errors that continue to persist. Can anyone suggest a fix or steps to investigate?

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I also occasionally receive such errors. Waiting for a response from the developers!

We’re going to prioritize the fix for the mistmatched checksum errors as it is becoming a widespread issue.

As for the internal errors can you guys send in your logs.db and out.txt file along with the link to this post to support@insynchq.com?

Logfiles sent (out.txt and logs.db)

Its been 1 month since my first post above reporting these errors. I can see I now only seem to be getting the “Unexpected error doing AddCloudGDItem: Internal Error” messages. Where can we view updates and see if these errors are being looked into? (or should I report a new error and send in my logfiles again?)

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Hi @BigBand @zaqwsx3!

We’ve addressed this error message in our latest release. Please update to 3.0.28 and let me know if this persists. :slight_smile: