Unexpected error doing AddLocalODItem:requestedRangeNotSatisfiable

New user, on Linux Mint and One Drive for Business.

I get this notification every time I open the app. I don’t know what it means or what the impact might be. My files seems to all be there, from what I can tell.

Should I be concerned about this, or ignore it? It’s annoying because I constantly have a red icon on my panel now.

Thank you.

Hi @dmaker

So sorry for the trouble! Can you send us an email at support@insynchq.com and include your Linux Mint version, Insync version, and log files?

Was a resolution identified for this? I’m having the same issue (Ubuntu 18.04, Insync

Not yet, I don’t believe. I sent the logs and such to support, and received the below response. I haven’t heard anything since.

Thank you for sending this, Don! I have forwarded this to our engineers for further investigation and we’ll update all affected users as soon as this is fixed.

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Hi @Chris_Wallace.

@dmaker is correct-- our engineers are still looking into this issue. Could you also send the log files so I can forward this to our engineers? :slight_smile:

Not sure if this is relevant or not, but I do not see this error on my laptop running Linux Mint, but I always see it when installed on an ESX virtual machine running Linux.

Hi @dmaker @Chris_Wallace

If you are still experiencing this error message, specifically a 416 error, then please update to 3.0.28 and let me know if this persists. :slight_smile:

It seems to be fixed for me.

Thank you

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