Unexpected error doing ModifyCloudGDReg: Internal error

Hi Guys

Insync (10/1/2019) in macOS Catalina

Error message (with little red and white cross icon on Insync icon):

“Unexpected error doing ModifyCloudGDReg: Internal error”

I just don’t know what Insync is talking about or “where” is this message coming from.
Should I delete something? If so, where to delete? etc…

Jorge Lampreia

Hi Jorge, can you send in your logs.db and out.txt files to support@insynchq.com along with the link to this post? We are aware of this issue and currently investigating it.

I have the same problem on Windows

I got the same problem in ubuntu 18.04.

What should I do?

Please do send in your logs. The instructions are on a response I had above. Thank you!

Hi, any update on this bug?

What is your Insync version?

Screenshotting rather than typing out, if that’s okay:

Have you downloaded our 3.0.25 version? New Insync version: 3.0.25

Can you let us know if this addresses your error?

always the same previous issue

Actually, I am not seeing this error anymore. Just the No permisssion removing file…


Hi @jorgelampreia @btroy @kimlop @Kenneth_Roy_Cabrera

We’ve addressed this error message in our latest release. Please update to 3.0.28 and let me know if this persists. :slight_smile: