Unwanted File Sharing

I told insync to sync all files shared with me to the computer I was working on (my laptop, running Ubuntu 16.04). It did this - then proceeded to share my Projects folder (i.e. all of my code…) from one of my accounts to another!

Firstly, how can I undo this action? There are several thousand files now queued - imagine every file for every java project, every VB file, every html & asp file, all my PLSQL snippets - all being uploaded!

Secondly, why has this happened? At no point did I tell it to share these files.

Literally, all I did was tell it to sync all files shared with me to this computer. Next thing I see that it is uploading thousands of files that I definitely did not tell it to!!

hi @Hippy_Steve – please send your log files to support@insynchq.com so our engineers can investigate this issue. Include a link to this forums post as well.

Hi Gio - did this a couple of days ago, had a response saying that it has been passed to engineer, nothing back since…