Update button does not work (Windows)

Insync keeps nagging me to update but the button just closes the window and it nags again a few minutes later.


Hi @nop_head,

Can you let me know if this still persists?

I found two Insync icons in the tray so I quit one and the other wouldn’t respond to the mouse. I found dozens of Insync.exe processes in Task manager so I killed them all and Relaunched Insync with administrator permission and has now updated to

I looks like perhaps each time I hit the update button I got a new process and perhaps it needed administrator permission to update itself, but that is just a guess.

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@nop_head Glad to know that the update has finally pushed through.

Will send this to our Windows engineer to see what may have happened and I’ll let you know if there’s further info we need from you! :slight_smile:

Also having the same issue with Insync being stuck on the latest updating to version No redundancies in the TaskMan and Admin rights don’t fix it either.


I’ll have this checked out - it may be possibly related to us rolling back the 3.7.4 changes following this discussion: Lost settings & a couple of crashes after 3.7.4 upgrade

I will update this thread as soon as I know more, but rest assured that there should be no cause for concern if you are on 3.7.3 right now. :slight_smile:

I have the same issue. I selected the button to upgrade and it looks like it was trying but now it keeps saying syncing and none of the files are syncing. The app is just froze and not responding in the activity monitor. I don’t think it is syncing anymore. How do I fix this? Scared I will lose data. Happening on a Mac running Big Sur

Hi @mileskemp!

It seems like we have an email correspondence - I have sent you the steps to resolve this issue on macOS. Thank you very much!