Update: free Prime promo and upgrade paths


What about Pro account user? I have a pro account with a Gmail account and a GApps account


I bought “plus version” on 12/12/16…

I received 5 min ago an email to tell about new “prime” things etc… followed link in email and i read that free upgrade is over ???

Is it a joke ?

I want free upgrade or refund, thanks !


My records show that I paid $4.99 for “Insync Pro” in April 2013, and that you have supported this software license and replied to my tech support emails promptly ever since. For the period April 2013-December 2016, this is equivalent to a $0.11/month subscription, clearly not a sustainable business model for you!

I understand why you need to add on new paying customers to be able to be somewhat profitable!!!

Google Drive is a service that Google does not develop to its full potential (at least, not the client side), and it is appreciable that you are filling that niche.

My only complaint is that I have encountered several times a standard “race condition” synchronizing problem—in which the app changes the timestamp of a file that is currently being edited, which prompts the app doing the editing to say “A more recent version is available on disk, would you like to read it.” This is a standard problem with all synchronizing mechanisms. I have emailed several times about it, with no avail.

What I want to highlight is I understand how a company that has not figured out its business model can be taxed to reply to service requests like that.

I am happy to pay an upgrade license. But as somebody who works in software, I don’t know if the “one time payment” is a good business model. As people have mentioned on this page, it is normal for a user to say “Well no new features have been added, why should I pay?” when they do not realize Google’s API changes so often that just keeping up is a full time job!

At any rate, please clarify your new pricing policy and I will be happy to support you. Thanks for creating software I have been able to forget exists for the past three years, as it has almost never given me trouble.


I never comment on these things but @VanZan I wholeheartedly agree! Terpua if you are the CEO I hope you are reading this. I have been an InSync user from the beginning. I was using your product for several years. It is indeed an amazing product. I had the initial setup and contacted your team when you started requiring payment for the product. Your response was “Thanks for the great feedback glad you like our product if you want to keep using it you need to pay.” That’s completely insane and sad as a loyal user. Unfortunately your product was the only product that could achieve what I needed so against my liking I paid for the product. Since then you have created all sorts of insane account options. I don’t know who you are and I am fully aware that this response will not change a thing but if you do by chance read this know that as a program developer I am saddened by your poor lack of loyalty to your customers and customer experience. The customer service I’ve experienced thus far is seriously lacking. You have an outstanding product but it’s getting to the point where I may start looking at a new product because I personally do not want to support your ideas. I understand it is costly to upkeep and constantly innovate and develop but what good is that if you don’t thank and reward the users that helped you to get to that point? My fellow InSync users and new users please do know this is a great product the best I’ve used and I’ve used many. I am not writing this to be negative I am writing this merely in hopes that the creator of this product can hear the results of recent decision making.

Thank you for your time. Take care and I hope everyone stays in-sync (Pun completely intended.)


on 20/04/16 I spent 25$ for the pro license (3 accounts).
Now after 9 months, I have to spend other 56.67$ (80$ -30%) in order to upgrade to the Prime license.
You can’t ask to people those have just spent some money (maybe someone has bought Insync 1/2 months ago) to license the software again without proposing them new software features and capabilities.
This means recurrent costs so no perpetual license and this is not what I bougth last April.
What does include Prime from a technical perspective and why I have to spend 56$ (cost increased by 124 %) ???


I honestly have no idea what is going on. Do I have to pay for Insync again to keep using it? I can’t even tell!


Hi insync,

I had free Prime promo upgrade notification mail in spam folder for both my accounts.
I read there are some other users.

Will there be another opportunity.

Thank you
Ahmet GÖkalp Ergeç



I’m another very fresh paying customer (I bought a Plus account on 18 December), who heard nothing about the “free” accounts, since the emails you sent went straight to Spam, as for everyone else here.

I firmly believe you should offer free upgrades to recent customers, since you had NO announcement of the pricing change.

And one last thing…

What you are essentially doing is requiring me and anybody like me to buy your app for a second time. This, in my book, is straight up unethical.

And, in order to avoid any misunderstandings, I do think that the software is great and this is why I chose to pay $25 for it in the first place. It is behaviors like this that I seriously dislike in a company.

I would like either an upgrade or a refund ASAP.

Thanos Gatos


I’m one of those confused users… Why does this stuff keep changing? I purchased a pro account years ago and could care less about support… will my pro license expire even though it was a one time lifetime fee? Why would I pay another “one time fee”? I even have a receipt because you dropped it in my google drive :slight_smile:


I don’t understand Prime pricing either, it says $29.99 per account (way too much, btw) and also down below that it says “multiple accounts”, so which is it?

Also, will those of us who have pro accounts be grandfathered in so long as we have our accounts? I won’t renew for $30 per account, not even $30 for both accounts. The way I see it I’m paid up until December 22nd 2017, you have until then to get your pricing straight.


My 2 cents:
Api changes on Google side doesn’t means that we have to pay again for a software that we have just bought.
Cloud Softwares as you know are subject to a continous technical improvements means CI/CD must be in plance also on partner’s side (Insync)
Technical Support is a cost of course and I’m happy to pay for it but you have to say "Hey Guys, this software license provides support with a recurrent cost of x$/year) and provides to the customers a clear explanation on what’s changing.
the cost here seems to be much higher
Check my last comment about cost grow and other customers feedback that report my same thought



I am a little confused. Is there a difference between Plus and Prime, or is it just renaming? If it is different, as an individual who already owns Plus, do I need to upgrade to Prime? Is Plus still supported? Sorry for the confusion.


Hi there,
I would have to backup what @Jeremie has to say, which is that I paid a subscription amount of which I can’t remember, as it was possibly around 5-6 years ago, and I’ve not paid since. The service has just continued to work perfectly in the background without any issues.
I’ve referred a bunch of people to your software as I think it’s one of the best tools I have on my computers.
I would be more than willing to pay the $29.95 annually or whatever the amount is (within reason) but have been told that I don’t need to pay anything more (I actually asked to pay more).
I have always found the service is great. My only gripe has been in the couple of times I’ve needed to resync a computer after its been reformatted that I can’t seem to relink files, and that they end up being re-downloaded, but I’ve got over it and lived to see another day. Helps, I guess, that the service is virtually free.
Perhaps the easiest thing @terpua is to have a free period for newbies, a low fee for low users and a higher fee for users with lots of accounts. And if people feel that this service should be free, that is a shame, because I don’t know of anything else on the inturdwebs that works as well.

Happy holidays


Sorry terpua, your clarification of the confusion reads like complete gibberish.

I am Microsoft Certified. and am actually quite computer savvy, but I honestly cannot make any sense out of this. It reads like a bad translation from another language.

Some straight answers to these questions would be appreciated.

Will the version of Insync that I paid for continue to work in the future?

If the answer to that is NO.

Do you expect me to pay again?


I have insync plus, I payed for it for using with my gmail account (the one I always use for work), and participated in the beta hoping to help to improve the app, now you are asking me to pay for prime? I want a free upgrade as it says above, when are you going to release it?


Hi Insync,

I’m a Pro account user, got the holiday promo mail (in spam folder) with a link to /free page, that told me I can’t upgrade (new users only) and linked to this thread, that said me to wait for free Pro->Prime upgrade promo. So far good.

An hour ago, I got another promo mail, that promises answers to questions (see citation below) and the free upgrade path, but it only links to this thread. So what are the answers, and how we can follow the free upgrade path?

What will happen to my current Plus, Pro or Business account? Do I need to upgrade? Can I upgrade for free?
Here is a note from our CEO – Update: free Prime promo and upgrade paths


Where are these “new” upgrade pages? Provide URL please!


If you open the client, and click on account settings at the left, you will see your License Information. I bought mine back when Insync was in beta, I think, and mine shows Plus. I note that I’m on version 1 though, so I’m perplexed by some things I’m reading about a forced upgrade to version 2!


Let’s make some things clear, since there is a lot of confusion here:

I recently purchased plus for a single account - love it. However, I think it unethical to ask customers to pay for the service again, especially customers who have recently paid. I refuse to pay a second time for the same service and purchase a prime account. If this is a major version update and includes many new features, this would be a reasonable request; at present, I’ve seen no changelog suggesting this is the case.

1-What exactly am I missing out on by refusing to repurchase with a prime account?

2-If I were to purchase (repurchase) prime, would that purchase support only a single google address (as suggested by the fact that a bulk purchasing discount is available), or would the prime purchase support multiple google addresses?

3-As a plus user, will my service be terminated if I don’t upgrade?

I trust that you are trying to do right by your customers, but that there has been some serious miscommunication going on. These three questions seem to be answered in different ways in these forums, but I am requesting they be answered clearly here.


I have a plus account for a gapps account. Prime is now $29.99. I paid $25 for Plus and if I want to get Prime, I’ll need to pay $21 (30% off) more instead of the $5 difference? Something is wrong and I hope y’all noticed it. It’s a great program and I don’t mind paying $21 more for unlimited updates and upgrades, but it’s illogical to ask old customers to pay more and that bothers me.