Update: free Prime promo and upgrade paths


Basically InSync want more money. It’s a horribly transparent attempt at profiteering. They’ve invented some new Prime account (which seems to have no discernible difference to the older accounts) to get people to pay twice. I believe the phrase is “money for old rope”.


More lost now than ever =(


What you write above contradicts the information on your New simplified pricing page. There it says:

Pro and Business users don’t require any upgrades since your plan covers free version upgrades.

So 13 days ago you said the Insync Pro customers would get a free upgrade, now you are asking for more money. As someone who asked for and got a charity/community/educational discount when I started, this is too expensive for my organisation.


Hmm, been a InSync Pro customer with a Google Apps account since 2013.
I started using Insync to be able to sync Google drive on Linux, but I do not get the new pricing model?


All you’ve managed to do is confuse me even further!


So wait… I had a pro account. Insync converted me to a Plus account because Pro was no longer supported. Now since I don’t have a pro account I have to pay for a prime account? What the hell is going on? This is a pretty crappy way to run licensing. Why would anyone who has paid for Insync before continue to pay when they’re treated like this?


Pro and Business users don’t require any upgrades since your plan covers free version upgrades.


I purchased a “plus” license to use with a single, free non-business Gmail acct, and used a student discount to do so. I use this service in order to be able to sync gmail on Linux. I have no idea what your new pricing scheme is, and if I have to pay again, I will no longer use your service, and likely request a chargeback. If I can continue to use the plus account for the length of our originally agreed upon time, then no problem. Most importantly, I don’t appreciate that you are using language to intentionally confuse us about your pricing scheme. Be clear!!


Frankly I’d rather you just go to an annual subscription model, which as some have written here would give a more stable income stream and keep you in business so we can all continue to benefit from the great software you publish.

When I signed up for Plus back in September 2016 it was just a short term experiment for me. But since then I’ve found Insync to be a remarkably reliable part of my daily computing. I really hope you sort out your messaging and maybe consult with a business analyst or two on the best model for your company. I also hope you’ll finally provide links to your EULA and/or ToS so those of us who pay attention to such things can have a better understanding of exactly what we’re buying.


+1 on Fix_it_now’s opinion.

Be clear about this:
I have a “plus” account. Can I continue using your service without paying again?

(Because if not then I’m not a returning customer, nor will I recommend this software. It works wonderfully, but if a payment of 25$ some 4 months suddenly stops being enough without proper warning then I simply cannot recommend it.)


I paid once and now you want me to pay again to upgrade but I have a better idea. I’ll just uninstall it and go on with my life as usual. As a Linux user I’m sad I must do this but these pricing plans make me wonder how serious Insync really is. Best regards.


I’m confused too. I’ve paid $15 a few years ago, I believe that I had a Plus Account. Will I be able to continue using Insync for free? Do I have to buy again / upgrade to Prime? If this is the case, I’ll have to stop using Insync as I don’t have a international credit card anymore (or any credit card, for that matter), so I can’t pay for stuff outside my country anymore.


Besides, the e-mail I received clearly said:

Don’t forget to share the gift with your friends :slight_smile:

If the goal wasn’t to give new users a free account, why did you asked to share with friends?


on the 22/11/2016 i pay for the insync Plus.
after one month and 8 days my purchase is not relevent anymore?
something not fill right… this is not a honest company. :frowning:


This seems to be a HUGE mess. I too am a Pro customer (I think), and the whole thing doesn’t make sense.


I have used insync for a long time now. I paid under the premise of a one-time price.

Since receiving multiple emails linking to this thread, it seems that there is confusion regarding a so-called prime membership which seems to offer no additional features to what I already get.

Am I OK to carry on as usual, or am I expected to pay / upgrade at some point?


I am adding my comments related to the confusion. I purchased Insync Plus on 11/15/2014 for a one-time fee and have received updates. Have not had any problems so I have never contacted support, until now. I am on version 1.3.6 on Linux. Do I have to upgrade to a different account in order to get updates?

I have used this for 2 years and don’t recall ever having an issue. GREAT WORK on Insync.

Please a follow-up response detailing what long term customers and those that are new customers are expected to do.

Thank you.


I would like to add to the discussion.

I received no email regarding the repricing or the new versions or anything until I received the clarification email.

So the clarification email along with this forum thread have basically created confusion that I did not previously have.

Insync is a great product. I really hope you can clear this up.


Whats going on? I never got an email to a “limited free upgrade” offer. I also looked into my spam folder, nothing there. I am an Insync Plus user since years. So whats going on now? How do I get for free into the new thing, so my Insync wont stop working?


Agreed. It would be incredibly unethical for them to charge more to people that just bought the service. Enough that I will take it up with the credit card company.


Honestly no idea what’s going on and what kind of license I have. This whole process and the communication is extremely confusing. I suppose I must have a Plus account as when trying to use the log in button on the top right corner of the insync webpage says, The dashboard login is only for old Insync Pro and Business users. No dashboards needed with Insync Plus or Prime. " And I definitely think I don’t have Prime.

What I’m interested in: can I continue to use insync, and what is the impact if I don’t do anything. Will my service be shut down?

Whatever the intentions were, the result is total confusion.