Want to setup multiple basefolders with different selective syncs

I’d like to be able to setup multiple base folders, each with different selective syncs.

This is because I want to sync my encrypted password files (keepassxc-based) to my main user folder and sync all my other files to an encrypted drive (veracrypt), once I’ve unlocked it.

One of my encrypted password files contains the password to unlock my encrypted drive, so I need this file outside of the Veracrypt-encrypted drive.

The example folder structure would be:

My main drive:

C:\Users\Rob\Insync\Google Drive<my-login>@gmail.com\

  • my work

    • only my myencrypted_key1.kdbx synced
  • my other things

    • only my myencrypted_key2.kdbx synced

My encrypted veracrypt drive:

V:\Users\Rob\Insync\Google Drive<my-login>@gmail.com\

  • my work
    • everything synced (including the password files)
  • my other stuff
    • everything synced (including the password files)

I want to use the same Google Account to do this.

I currently use Google Drive for the passwords sync and Insync for syncing everything into the encrypted drive. But I’d rather use Insync for both.

Other than the ability to have multiple base folders syncing, another way would be to be able to run Insync more than once on the same computer for the same account.

I looked at: https://help.insynchq.com/en/articles/1834050-1-5-sync-or-merge-a-top-level-folder-to-another-location-in-your-computer and How to sync to a folder outside of the base folder?

But these don’t really come close to what I’m looking for, sorry.