White X on red dot - what does this mean?

I wonder what this badge is trying to tell me :slight_smile:

badge - 2023-11-05 05-04-21

p.s.: i couldn’t find it on Insync badges guide

Hi! It’s possible that this is an error which the log files can give more info about.

Could you let me know if you see any visible error messages on the app? If not, could you restart Insync and let me know if the red X’s persist?

Thanks a lot for your reply.

On the “Home” screen; there were no error messages in the “X” tab and no conflicts in the “Conflicts” tab.
In the bottom right corner of the same page it said “Synching…”.

I’m using Linux Mint (latest version).
After “Pause app” and then “Quit” (from the Taskbar), i reopened Insync and as you guessed, all the "X"s turned to a “green check” badge.
The “Synchronization…” message also disappeared.

Thank you very much!!

That’s great to hear! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything else :slight_smile: