Your tools make me lost all the data



Your tools have a serious bug

I move some folder via cut, and then before the sync finish, i made the cut operation on this folder to somewhere else

and suddenly, my file is lost

this is a serious issue.


I check google drive history, all the file go into trash, but when I go to trash, I cannot find those file. …


Hi @Tk_Chuah I apologize for this, have you checked your insync trash?

Let me know if this helps!


Hi there, I am having the same problem. Folders were deleted and I cannot find them anymore. Not in my local trash, not in my cloud (Google Drive) trash, not in the local .insync-trash folder. This is a serious issue cos we kept lots of confidential financial and customer data on our Drive. Who can help?


It has been my observation that if a deleted file in not in my own Google Drive Trash, then it can be found in a co-worker’s Trash. It will be in the trash of whoever created the file on Drive in the first place.