ARM64 Headless test build

Hello everyone!

We are excited to announce that we’ve come up with an ARM64 test build for you to try here:

ARM Headless test build 32-bit

ARM Headless test build 64-bit

RPM ARM64 Headless test build
Fedora 30
Fedora 31

Please do note that this is for server/headless set-ups.

Let us know what you think!


I just tried to install this on my Raspberry Pi (running a 64-bit Debian derivative), and the linked file appears to be 32-bit, not 64-bit.

Hi @necopinus :slight_smile: We’ll release a 64-bit soon! Many thanks for the feedback.

Apologies about that. Links updated! :slight_smile:

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I installed the ARM64 binary on a Raspberry Pi 4B and am currently performing a first sync. It will take a couple of days before everything is downloaded, so I’ll report back then.

So far, the only problem I’ve seen is that I’m experiencing an intermittent crash when running insync-headless status; it is almost identical to the issue reported here:

The only difference is that the line number for is 365 for me, rather than 362 for the original poster.

Despite this error syncing appears to be running fine, at least for my Google Workspace account. I have two personal Google accounts that are being synced as well, and it’s unclear if they’re hung or not… Interestingly, I got the above crash initially, then this morning found that the status command was working but that both personal accounts showed authentication errors. I re-authenticated, and everything seemed to be fine (the personal accounts both began pulling down more data), but a few hours later both accounts appear to be stalled again and status is also crashing. That said, no new authentication errors in out.txt, so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ll report back results once I get a full sync of everything (or at least a full sync of my Google Workspace account, since then problems with personal accounts should be more obvious).

Quick update: I’m definitely seeing some hangs as well. Most clear up in an hour or two, but folders that hang seem to get stuck indefinitely on “scanning”. Restarting might temporarily resolve the problem (not enough has been synced yet for me to do a definitive test).

Digging into the errors in out.txt reveals exactly the same API error as described here is occuring:

Going to keep on keeping on to see if I can get a full sync.

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