Can you configure the number of Simultaneous or Concurrent File Transfers


I just got word that this feature is only for Insync 2 and not 1.x. So don’t hold your breath for it.


Is there is a timeline for Insync 2 being released?


Haven’t heard of one. Don’t think they will provide one.
Such a major release can take arbitrarily long for a small team like Insync. Won’t be surprised if it takes another year or two or even longer.


They keep promise things which will not come any sooner. My upload speed is dead slow as well. not even 1/10 of my ISP bandwidth.


To be fair, increasing upload speed can be quite complicated. Merely changing the number from 2 to something larger probably won’t have any material effect.
Google places many visible and invisible limits on the use of its public API, and may change these limits at times. As end users, we don’t know what Insync’s overall usage status of Google’s API is. I’m wildly speculating here, but maybe they’re at risk of exceeding some limits if they increase the speed too much. Maybe they could request a higher quota from Google, but that may depend on their resources and their relation with Google. Meanwhile, there’re other features they could implement or improve independently of Google, and that could be why improving speed isn’t the first thing on their list.

That said, I do think Insync can improve their communication with customers. Misleading messages and keeping your customers in the dark are sure ways to create frustrations and resentments.

Multi-Thread Upload/Downlaod
Insync downloads dead slow

Thanks for the information. I will reconsider switching back to Google’s won client application sice it does not have the speed problems.


I’ve got the same problem!
DEAD SLOW upload speeds 50 - 500 Bytes/sec
Internet connection (speedtested): 95Mbit DOWN / 35Mbit UP so at least 4000KBytes UP available.
Recently upgraded Google Drive to 1TB to allow for my NAS to sync the 800GB (170,000 files) of important data.

TIP TIP… I’ve actually got NetBalancer as a 3rd party program that controls my bandwidth! Works great! I’ve set it to limit Insync.exe to 1000KBytes/sec, obviously it wiill never get there but NetBalancer works great!!

But I’m getting a bit disappointed now with this product I bought years ago but never used to it’s full potential.
Looks like I’m going to look for alternatives then… :frowning: Too bad because I DO really like the product and the fact that you can use a network drive as a source.


Any updates on this feature?


Have there been any developments on this? Really Slow


any news on this feature? The initial post is now quite old.


Given that Insync still sometimes encounters rate limit issues, I don’t think they’ll really consider giving users the freedom to set multi-threaded upload / download any time soon.
See the linked thread below.


In the new 1.4 version release notes it says:

-Increased number of concurrent uploads/downloads.

Haven’t tried it yet, but that should make things better… hopefully.


Can confirm Insync 1.4 supports 4 concurrent uploads/downloads.
That’s a pleasant development.


I would also like to see options to limit number of active connections and bandwidth limitations.