Google Doc (.gddoc, etc) files open in wrong browser on macOS 10.12.5



Please note before upgrading to macOS Sierra 10.12.5:

We’ve received reports wherein Google Docs open in the wrong/non-default browser when opening the “.gddocs” or “.gdsheet” files in the Insync folder.

From our testing and based on this forums post – only users on the latest macOS 10.12.5 are affected by this. This post on the Apple forums suggests that the update affects other services too:

We’re checking if there’s an Insync workaround for this but Apple should be looking into this as well.

We’ll post updates here.

Opening a docs file opens firefox, not my default browser Safari

Can confirm I am having the same issue. Chrome is set as my default browser but InSync opening files in Firefox since 10.12.5 update.


I can confirm the same issue as well. Chrome is our default browser and InSync opens up Safari instead.
Is there any known work around / fix for this yet?


Same here. Opens safari instead.


Same here - opens in FireFox and when I try opening in Chrome I get a string of code instead of the usual doc


Same problem here, and it began right after I updated to version 10.12.5. Google Docs open in Safari instead of in Chrome (my default browser).


Yeah – SUPER annoying. Anyone have a fix?


I hate to add another “me too” response to this thread but I’m not aware of another way to follow and get notified when a solution is posted. Wish I had known about this before upgrading.


Hey guys, we’re looking to incorporate a workaround for this issue in the next update: 1.3.17 :slight_smile: Hang tight


Confirmed here too. Opening safari when I “Go to Drive web”


Good news! Here’s a special build (still 1.3.16) for users who are affected by the browser issue: :+1:

We’re still working on 1.3.17 which will include the fix. This will come as an automatic update to all (even if you install the special build above) :slight_smile:


Insync 1.3.17 has been released: :arrow_forward::arrow_forward: New Insync version: 1.3.17


This issue has been fixed for me.