IMPORTANT: Insync 1.4.4 release addresses stuck syncing and selective sync issues


Hey everyone!

We’re aware there have been some syncing issues encountered upon the release of 1.4.3. We’ve recently released Insync 1.4.4 to fix the issues some users reported:

1. Files have stopped syncing (files are stuck on queue, no progress is happening) or Insync is syncing everything from Google Drive automatically upon initial setup (no option to Selectively sync files)

This problem has been found to occur across newly set-up accounts on Insync. The recommended fix for this is to re-setup your account:

  1. Install Insync 1.4.4 (if it hasn’t auto-updated for you already)
  2. Remove account
  3. Add account again and select an empty folder as Insync folder during setup
  4. Selectively sync the items that you want to sync

2. I don’t need/want to sync Team Drives on my computer! Can I delete the default sync folder for Team Drives?

As long as you haven’t synced any of your Team Drives, it should be safe for you to simply delete the folder from your computer.

If you guys are encountering errors or bugs not addressed by any of these fixes, reply here or reach out to with your logs.

Thank you for your patience,
Team Insync


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Insync 1.4 on Mac OS 10.11 will not sync with Insync 1.4 on Mac 10.13



Thank you for this. The proactive message was such a relief as I came here to complain about how all folders were syncing by default regardless of my preferences. I’ve followed your instructions and hope to have great results.

EDIT: I did get it working after some work. See my post below for my instructions. But downloading still hasn’t started yet.


Thanks for the update.
However, I haven’t generated any new accounts recently, all of them have been created in Insync for a long time and I haven’t changed any parameters in any of them recently either.
I have 4 different accounts synchronized with Insync and each of them has different parameters and folders. Therefore, the solution that you propose to solve this bug does not seem to me to be very balanced.
For my part, if you confirm that you cannot resolve this bug any other way I prefer to install an older version before reconfiguring my accounts again.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you


On Windows 7, system tray icon doesn’t consistently show status since 1.4.
Screenshots below: tray icon shows “synced” while Insync is actually uploading files.


Also, thank you for the quick response, however, this solution is an issue for me as well. I have been a long installed user with three accounts. One of my accounts syncs a tremendous amount of data. a) I do not have time to let it all download, and b) I do not have space to start syncing to a new folder schema.

An older version would be fine for me. I dont care about the newer features quite frankly.



I’m sorry, but is there any new update on this. As I mentioned previously - I have been installed for years, and starting over just wont work for me. Please advise.

Please - need an update on this. If a complete rebuild is my only option, I will switch to Google Backup and Sync and File Stream. Please I’ve been a customer for years on love you guys, but these files not syncing is a major problem.


I downloaded 64-bit version for ubuntu 17.10 insync_1.4.4.37065-artful_amd64.deb
Compare to 1.4.3 I have no more High CPU LOAD but problem is NOT resolved.
Each time i lauch “insync quit” then “insync start” files are transferred for a while and network activity shutdown
with “insync get_sync_progress” I see that number of queued file does not decrease any more .
I perform many quit/start to decrease the queue
Sorry, I have always high CPU LOAD …


Here is how I got it working. (I have 5.9Tb on google drive)

  1. Download the latest version.
  2. Delete previous insync user,db,log folders. In windows its located at /Users/username/appData/insync
  3. Delete everything locally (on your computer not on the cloud) that is already inside the folder you plan on syncing.
  4. Install
  5. Pair to account, choose to sync nothing
  6. Wait 10 mins for all your files to start syncing (BUG)
  7. Disconnect account
  8. Delete again everything in the folder you plan on syncing. (Do not delete your insync log, data folders)
  9. Pair again your account, choose to sync nothing.
  10. After ~10mins the sync queue will swell up to a high number but then it will start reducing back down to zero. Nothing should actually sync or download.
  11. Select folders you want to sync. Everything should be working

One issue that still remains is that insync will scan all the files in your drive before beginning downloading.
It took over 94 hours for my 2,507,140 files to be queued before syncing actually started.


I updated my Insync yesterday (manually, haven’t found a way to auto-update on a Mac). My account has ben using Insync for a while now so I don’t think I’m included in “newly set-up accounts on Insync”.

However even after updating, I still experience the stuck syncing progress.

I don’t want to remove account, re-add account, re-select my selective sync configuration because that’s too much of a hassle. I have 93 GB on my Google Drive (Insync) folder so obviously I don’t want to re-sync all that (and the selective sync too!).

Is there any way this can be fixed without removing the account first?



I have 10 times this amount of data on Drive (yes, over 930GB). I’m seriously not removing anything.


Hey I am experiencing a severe slowdown of Windows Explorer when Insync is installed. This happens since the update to the newest version. Besides this Insync does not start automatically despite being set up accordingly. I hope you can fix these problems ASAP as I just upgraded to Team and I would hate to have to ask for that money back!


I confirm that the issue of stuck syncing has NOT been resolved by this version, EVEN AFTER painfully restarting the whole process in an empty folder


I work directly in the synchronized folder, when I copy a folder with many files it freezes the synchronization.


I amend and save a file on my laptop that uses 1.4.4 and it then REMOVES it from GDrive!

Do not upgrade from 1.3.24


This release causes a major issue for me as downloading the entire drive by default was a desired behavior, i have users with hundreds of files in their drive root folder, selectevly downloading files is hugely onerous and labor intensive - i’ve been searching and there is no way to enable this PLEEEEASE FIX



This update 1.4.4 DOES NOT fix the syncing issue for me. INSYNC is now (1.4.x) basically useless on 17.10. This is a MAJOR bug for paid software and shouldn’t really have been released. I have hundreds of GBs of GoogleDrive files and I do not have (i) space, nor (ii) time to resync to a “new” folder.

Here are the two issues I’m having under Gnome3:

(1) Everytime I open the app, it also opens a separate window. For what reason? Please get rid of this, it’s annoying and superfluous.

(2) The INSYC app STOPS syncing when one opens it to check the progress. Something is wrong with the code with respect to Gnome3. To restart, one has to close the app, and restart it again, then it works for a while and then hangs. Is there a debug log that I can send you?


Wait a second - I just looked up INSYNC with Synaptic and found insync-nautilus 1.3.x also installed. Should this be also installed?


For all those in distress, downgrading to 1.3.24 on OSX immediately solved my issue.