New Insync version: 3.8.5


  • Fix issues with authentication tokens not being refreshed properly in some cases, leading to an invalid token prompt
  • Fix UI elements not scaling properly on zoom levels
  • Remove backup feature for accounts without backup capabilities
  • Remove dual boot settings popup
  • Fix app menu GUI bug on no accounts screen
  • Add support for LUKS devices for backup (Linux only)

Windows 7 and later

Ubuntu (16.04 Xenial), (18.04 Bionic), (20.04 Focal), (22.04 Jammy), (22.10 Kinetic), (23.04 Lunar)
Linux Mint (18.x), (19.x), (20.x), (21.x)
Debian (9 Stretch), (10 Buster), (11 Bullseye)
Fedora (27), (28), (29), (30), (36), (37)

I’m afraid the authentication issue with Google Drive still persists. Tried the Fedora 37 version on openSUSE Tumbleweed.

Hi @abadr, thank you for trying v.3.8.5 for us. Could you please send your latest logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this post?

Hi @abadr!

Please perform the following steps to address the authentication issue:

  1. Remove the affected account from Insync
  2. Under Google Account > Apps with access to your account, click on Insync and select remove access
  3. Add the account to Insync

Hi @daryll, I’m afraid if I do that I will loose access from my other 2 computers which are running fine.
More info here

Sooooooo I just updated today and it started mass-downloading my OneDrive to my Surface Pro for literally no reason. I don’t think I’m even syncing the folders coming down w/Insyc. Through OneDrive they’re all set as off my device and you’ve overridden it, why are you messing around w/my account like that? This gives me serious security concerns about your company man.

I kept getting notifications from Windows that OneDrive was downloading a file from the cloud so I though maybe it was just catching up if you’d been having buggy software requiring an update (given the issues I’ve had w/Google Drive) and syncing my Games folder but that’s because my brain just wasn’t working properly and I looked at OneDrive itself and saw was a download free-for-all!

Hi @First_Aid,

Apologies for the trouble! Did you mean OneDrive as in the native app downloading all your files a la free-for-all, or was Insync downloading all your OneDrive files to your Base Folder?

As for the update: was it an OS update or an Insync update?

Do you have the builds for Debian ARM versions?

Hello @Victor_Vazquez_Marti! Not at the moment, but can you let me know if you intend to use it on Insync with GUI or Insync Headless?

I am looking for the headless version. I saw that you released a previous version but that doesn’t work anymore, it says that the client is unauthorized

Can you try this build?

Please note that ARM builds are not yet maintained nor officially released in our downloads page. Thank you!

Thanks for the quick reply and for the warning, just one little thing, do you have the armhf version? I am using the 32 bit version not the 64 bit OS

Linux builds are all 64-bit now, but let me check with our engineers just to be absolutely sure, @Victor_Vazquez_Marti.

Did you able to get the arm 32 bit version? I already installed a previous version that I got from your forums but this has an authentication issues due to the changes on google drive api

@Victor_Vazquez_Marti My deepest apologies for not giving you a response sooner!

All Linux builds are 64-bit and run on AMD architecture; we discontinued the 32-bit support when our developers rewrote the Insync 3 code. The previous version we released was for testing purposes since ARM is not officially supported yet, but I’m happy to raise this as a feature request to our engineers :slight_smile: