OneDrive is coming soon! Tell us your use cases!


We have been working on a long requested feature, OneDrive support!

Would love to hear how you will use Insync with OneDrive support in your workflow. Is it for multi-cloud syncing? Is it for a universal interface to both clouds? Please share. It allows us to better understand how to make Insync work better for you.

Thanks :wink:

OneDrive Support

My use case is primarily educational - I get a free OneDrive account through my school with 25Gb of space.

I also like having Word and Excel documents auto-save, and typically this is only achievable through OneDrive. I haven’t (yet) installed Word and Excel on WINE, and for such things I typically revert to Windows when I have to, but if you could figure out a way to get Word and Excel files to auto-save on Linux with Insync that would be amazing! (Spoiler alert: my Insync use case is as a client for Linux. On Windows I stick to the official clients made by each cloud service provider.)


Sometimes i need to access my company onedrive for business account from my private LINUX PC


Syncing to both in case something goes wrong.


i changed from Google Drive (with insync) to Onedrive. It is my primary cloudstorage and i would love to use insync with it.

When will “soon” be ?


Using gdrive for private stuff.
Using ondrive due to work restrictions.
Having the ability to dual sync some folders would be great.
Thanks. :smiley:


Hey @peter_mcc. Mirror copy? Do you have any workarounds for this now?


For now I only sync with one OneDrive account so I just use their app. For me the advantage of Insync is the ability to sync to two Google Drive accounts (otherwise I’d probably use their app).


Support for Box Drive (which I assume uses the same/similar API to OneDrive) would also be great.


I would use OneDrive to sync work documents mostly since we have standardized on OneDrive.

Another use case is Syncing from Linux up to OneDrive and then back down to a Windows System for document editing in Office365 and then back the other way. The One drive support also gives me the ability to then open the document inside of onedrive and use the office365 online tools for presenting or editing.


Any news about OneDrive support?



Being worked + tested…


That’s just great!

Happy new year!!!


Cheers, I just made the change myself from Google to OneDrive. More for the money. I would love this option as I am a Linux only user. Funny that I am using M$ but they have a better solution then Google. I would love to test it if you need a tester. I have a couple Google drive paid for. I am excited to hear the new feature added. As for Use, I share files with my company and they have moved to One Drive as well. This would stream line my access to work items that I need when working remote.

Thank you for the continued support to Linux.


First of all, I am not currently using inSync, because I do not store anything on Google Cloud, but I am VERY interested in support for OneDrive, and this is why:

I have an Office 365 subscription active for about 3 years now (1-year keys become extra cheap on black friday). I use this subscription along 6 different accounts:

1-Personal Cloud (personal documents, pictures, etc);
2-Coding Learning and Tools (I have basic knowledge about web-dev - and I am working to improve it. Plus, I am learning Docker and Python).
3-Fantasy Cartography works (I draw Fantasy Maps for money using Campaign Cartographer 3 and PaintShop Pro 2019);
4-Installation files backups (I also have access to MS Imagine, so I have many GBs of disk images, softwares, etc - you never know when you will need a server or sql image);
5-Wife’s Personal Cloud;
6-Media Library/Backups (music, movies, comics, ebooks, etc).

This setup gives me 6TB storage space for about US$ 65/year, plus Office 365 (which I almost never use) and six hours of skype calls (one hour per account).

Since some of my software won’t run well (not even through a VM) on Linux, I need to keep at least one Windows install all the time (desktop at home and desktop at work), while I run Linux on my laptop. While I have all that data also stored on external drives, all my computers run on 240GB SSDs, and it is a real pain in the butt not being able to access my cloud on Linux through a GUI interface.

So, basically, my use for OneDrive InSync client would be to access all these 6 accounts on my Linux box, especially because is the one I use most - and, well, I would gladly buy the six licenses just for that purpose.


The things I need are:
Synchronising with linux computers
Synchronising between google drive and onedrive.
Simple Synchronising of OneDrive for Business to Windows PCs without the current link sharing faff.


Can you elaborate on the “link sharing faff”? OneDrive for Biz will be supported :slight_smile:


Sign up for the Insync for OneDrive beta waitlist here:

It’s not available yet, but we’ll email and post here on the forums when the beta is available for download and testing :rocket:


Yes - if a folder is shared to me I need to go to the website and choose to sync it - there is no way to automatically have shared OneDrive for Business folders appear on my computer. So when I am setting up a small organisation say 4 people I have to visit each SharePoint site and click to sync. Compare to Dropbox or GDrive or OneDrive for Normals and I think it constitutes a faff. If a manager shares you a folder it should be notified and sync with one click or automatically if that’s your choice.
Having to use SharePoint really removes the advantages of OneDrive’s simplicity.


My use case is to sync the Zotero library with my Onedrive institutional account. The rest is normal usage, nothing fancy.

Regarding OneDrive support, I’m curious about how the licensing will be handled, as currently synchronization is restricted to a single Google account. I don’t know if this has already been decided, or can’t be announced yet, but I’d like to know about this.