Progress stuck (642 items queued) - syncing does not work

Insync v1.2.6
OS X 10.10.2

Insync says 642 items queued but nothing is happening. No files are being uploaded to the server; if any file is added on the server, it is not being downloaded.

In other words, Insync is not working at all.

I’m having a similar issue on Windows 7 x64 with Insync 1.2.5. Mine doesn’t even show the numbers though. I have many files that need to be send up and down, but nothing is happening at all. Makes me want to switch back to default Google Drive if this thing won’t even do anything anymore.

I have the same issue as Corey_Willis. It is not uploading or downloading anything, and not showing that anything needs to be synched.

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Please send us your logs.db and out. txt file to

Also, I have notified our engineers @jimperio and @dipesh on this issue.

Thank you.

Hi one of my colleagues has the same issue!!!

Thanks for helping us! Did you manage to solve this issue?



I @roald I did have the same issue and sent the logs to support email as well. Kindly take a look at my issue? I will update this thread with whatever issue it was and solution since it looks like an “unresolved” issue from this thread.

The same issue here for Win7. I noticed that after restarting the program, it starts uploading the remaining items, but it cannot do more than 20-40 at one stroke.

Hi, same issue here. v1.4.4 on MacOS 10.13.3

Insync completely stuck

Any solution please?

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HELP ME… I have the same problem… What is the solution?

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Same here on Debian with version 1.4.3 and 1.4.4.

I have the same issue on Linux Mint 18.3. Stuck at 765 items queued/remaining. Restart will get a handful of files to sync, but then it stops again. This has happened for days now. Please help.

Having same issue. I’m on a mac, v This has been happening intermittently on all of my computers in the past few days, since I upgraded. Must be a new bug. As others have indicated, sometimes a reboot fixes, but not always. Please advise! And yes I know you need my log files - ok. But seriously, if this is a common issue let’s hear what’s going on and when the next maintenance update will be out to fix this bug.

Hey guys. So sorry about this issue. Would you mind sending in your log files to We’re still trying to get to the bottom of this and every bit of info would really help.

Same issue here. Insync progress is freezed, only showing “159 items queued” (forever).

Using Ubuntu 16.04, insync amd64.

Already sent email to support with my logs.

Please help!

Hello all.

Please downgrade to 1.3.24 for now while we work on a fix.


Hi, I’m on 1.5.5 since it’s the future but I’m still getting this bug on queued items that won’t sync but I can’t seem to list what those are.

What are the next steps? I presume we don’t down grade anymore…

Hi @Hydramus,

Please update to 1.5.7 and shoot us an email at if the issue persists. Please link this post as well. Thanks!

I am on version and seeing the same issue.

I’ve taken a look on my log and found out that there’s some google service errors on what seems o be an authorization request.

I’ve issued a “insync-headless retry-errors” and after a few minutes the sync restarted.