Update: free Prime promo and upgrade paths



I only got the apology email, not the free offer. Please could you let me (and all existing customers) know when the “free upgrade” will be available?

Simon West


I admit I’m a tad confused by this. I checked my email archives and it seems I have Insync Plus. I can’t seem to find that on the app anywhere itself, it just says it’s licensed). I can’t find anywhere on the site that tells me what Pro, and Business Gnail and Business GApps or 3rd Party accounts are so that is all meaningless to me somehow, but I can collapse your two points to:

  1. upgrade to Prime for free for a limited time
  2. upgrade to Prime for 30% off

It seems these contradict each other? Or suggest we can upgrade to Prime for free for a time then after that time pay for the upgrade at 30% off (so about $20 instead of $30)? Is that a fair reading? I’m curious as I find the effort to simplify alas not so simple and remain a little confused.

I’m not really sure what upgrading from Plus to Prime brings me. Is there a summary anywhere of what that means?

If you’re offering an upgrade from what I have to something else for free I’m not even sure “fair” is a word that comes to mind, it’s generous and kind. But I admit I don’t fully understand what it all means.

I think I’m reading about 5 different license types that could be clarified somewhere for ease of comprehension:

  • Plus
  • Prime
  • Pro
  • Business gmail
  • Business Gapps/3rd party

Have I understood that right? If so, is the a comparison table of these licenses?


Same case for me. And can you remove the stupid restriction regarding the 20 characters?


Same situation for me.


@terpua Thanks for clarifying that converted Insync Pro to Plus users (before october 22, 2013) can request a refund. That’s very kind and I’ll gladly accept your offer.

Would it be an idea to add this to your the last post so that this is also clarified to other first-time users? Update 2: free Prime promo and upgrade paths


Once the upgrade page is available and you upgrade to Prime, email support and they will refund you.


Well I admit I’m just totally confused. I’ve seen all the emails and the explanations and re-explanations and still have no idea what is going on or how it will affect me. So my solution is to sit tight and see if Insync stops working, or doesn’t. I’ll try to figure out what to do when/if something changes.
Not so sure I want to be paying for something that’s called a simplification but can’t be explained simply. (30% off, free, plus, pro, prime, GApps, 3rd party. Simple? Really?)


They should have worked that out long ago. I paid for this service for unlimited time - that was the agreement. Why am I supposed to start paying now? This should only apply to new customers. Anyway, the main problem is the lack of clarity. I personally don’t know whether I’m supposed to pay now or not, and what will happen to my account. I would actually be willing to pay a little if the “shared syncs” spamming stopped.


Subscription Canceled.


What is going on now. This thread is a disaster. No clear information whatsoever. I have Insync Plus (unlimited life time) since 2015. How can they take this away from me/us??


I bought a Plus account for about 25usd some weeks ago.

Will I get a second account (for my second google account) now for free? and if so, what do I have to do to get it?

Very confusing… If I get something for free I’ll take it, but please tell me how :wink:


Will someone please reply? Your latest email trying to explain what the upgrade was about, including a “Compare” feature, is not clear.

The comparison is between the existing Pro (or Plus no idea which one) version and the new version you’re offering called Prime. However when I joined you guys the option was different and even your page says my licence may not be the one shown on the comparison table.

What on earth is going on? I have absolutely zero idea what’s best for me… Should I stay or should I upgrade? Or should I go? Can someone clarify please and get this right once and for all?

– Another confused customer.


Updates? I’m not purchasing an updated license until it is clear what is going on. I will also cancel if no clear, proper description and comparison is provided between the new license/pricing model and original.

– ???


Hi guys. We released a new license called Prime which is $29.99 and includes all future version upgrades (1.x to 2.x and beyond). For customers still on Plus, Pro or Business: Gmail accounts are upgradeable to Prime for free while GApps/GSuite accounts can upgrade at 30% off (= $20.99 per account)


  • Depending on what license you’re on, upgrading to Prime would have different benefits.
  • “Gmail accounts” refer to accounts ending with @gmail.com
  • “GApps/GSuite accounts” refer to accounts resembling "name@company.com"
  • Plus-licensed accounts that are Gmail have automatically been upgrade to Prime (don’t have to do anything)

To check your license: How to check your license type

Benefit of upgrading from Plus to Prime:
Insync Plus comes with updates within Insync version 1.x only. Upgrading to Prime would give you access to all future Insync versions

If you’re on Plus and would like to see Insync 2.0 before deciding to upgrade – you’re free to do so :slight_smile: The upgrade offer won’t expire.

Benefit of upgrading from Pro to Prime:
Both Pro and Prime include all future version upgrades (1.x to 2.x and beyond). So the benefit of Prime is the one-time price vs. the annual subscription fee of Pro. If you upgrade to Prime, you will no longer be charged annually for your account.

Is upgrading required? No. You can stay on your current license (do nothing) and continue to use Insync as is.

@sbla @jasonwaler


Thanks for the info @gio .

What is the release date for v2.0?


We don’t have a specific date but it will be sometime this year.


Apparently everyone who was eligible to Prime has been upgraded for free now, at least I got an email about it. Is there an official announcement?


we sent an announcement email to all customers still on a Plus, Pro or Business license. Gmail accounts (ending "@gmail.com") are upgradeable to Prime for free while GApps/GSuite (name@company.com) accounts get 30% off. Upgrading is not required.


What is the most frustrating, I think, is the split in who was offered the free upgrade. I had Plus, so would have had to pay for 2.0 anyway. But because I chose to use a GApps address with Insync instead of using Gmail directly, I don’t get the free upgrade offer. Not everyone using GApps is a corporation.

In hindsight, it was stupid to use a GApps address, but there’s no way I could have known that because Insync made no differentiation between the two until you launched Prime. So I’m punished for that decision. It doesn’t feel good.


It definitely wasn’t our intention for anyone to feel punished. To quote our CEO: