White Blank Screen on Startup

It’s been a few months since I’ve used insync and I went to use it today and I’m coming up with a white page with no buttons etc.

I’ve tried the following

  • Deleting the app and containers etc. redownloading and reinstalling.
  • Deleting again and reinstalling.
  • Restarting my computer.

I still have the white screen, also the preferences option is greyed out.

MacOS 11.4 Big Sur, Insync Version (



Hi @Leland_Sanchez. This issue is related to this thread: Big Sur 11.4 Beta (20F5046g) Insync not starting properly- no sync

Our Mac team is already on this and we will inform all affected users once a fix is available. Thank you so much for your patience!

Same here with 11.4 Big Sur. White Screen and nothing happens.

@nitinbhaamri Hi! We have notified our Mac team on the urgency of this matter and will announce as soon as a fix has been released!

An update from our CEO:

Hello everyone! We’ve released a fix for this issue which you can download here.

Let us know if it works! :slight_smile: