You don't have permission to modify..... Please gain the necessary permissions and retry

I’m getting the Insync (v error:
You don’t have permission to modify [filename]. Please gain the necessary permissions and retry
on a bunch of files in my Google drive.

I’ve done a deep dive into the Windows permissions and there is nothing obviously odd. They are not flagged readonly, and the permission for all users is Allow Full control, and Allow all categories.

Also I opened a command prompt and overwrote one of the files complained about, just to satisfy myself that I have permission to overwrite this file.

I’ve tried hitting the Retry button in Insync, but the error just comes back.

So sorry for the trouble! Please also send your logs to with the link to this post and include the following files in the folder:

  • logs.db
  • out.txt
  • data folder
  • live folder

If these are too big for an attachment, feel free to send us a link so we can download these.

I’ve been looking into this further, and I’m getting this error on some map files that are open in a mapping application. These files haven’t changed in years, the modified date is years in the past, and the date and size are the same on as they are on my disk, and yet insync is complaining that it can’t modify them.

Is it possible that either (a) insync opens files for writing even before it has determined that they are changed and require writing? … or… is it possible that insync’s way of determining a file needs changing (writing) has some issue? (How does it determine that?)

Interesting observation @xpusostomos. I’ll have this checked to see if it’s a, b, or something else entirely!

Could you let me know your current Insync version? Please also send the latest copy of your logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this post. :slight_smile:

Any hope of this ever getting fixed? Tired of seeing the “sync failed” icon in my system tray for 8 months now.

Hi @xpusostomos, my apologies for the trouble you’ve been facing for many months. By any chance, were you able to get my email a few months back about unsyncing then resyncing the problematic files? If you’ve done those steps per my email, please do send the following to

  • your latest logs.db and out.txt files
  • a screenshot of the errors in the Errors tab

I’ll raise these to our engineer’s attention once more so we can look into it further.

Surely this is only a workaround, and you need to fix the code? And if I workaround it, how will you ever know if you’ve properly fixed the code?

Hi @xpusostomos,

Currently, it is a potential workaround and we will need to fetch user logs before and after resyncing to investigate the issue further. Thank you!

I already sent you all the logs and stuff. Never heard anything about it afterwards. It seems to me that these files, being linked from someone else’s google drive account are readonly, and insync isn’t smart enough to realise that and ignore them.