Zero confidence in v3.0

As per title - I put off the upgrade for as long as possible but you forced my hand with abandoning support for earlier versions in Catalina.

I have almost stopped using the app as the behaviour is strange, I don’t fully understand how it works and with the bugs and error that I am seeing (I have reported them and am still waiting about 6 weeks later for a fix), I don’t trust InSync.

I used to be able to just leave InSync running in the background, with occasionally adding and setting up sync for another google shared drive. Now I am fighting with it daily, constantly guessing how it is supposed to work.

for instance - if a file is added to a folder that I sync via the google web UI, it doesn’t get synced to my machine - I have to go in and select the file to sync. I don’t seem to be able to configure this behaviour for each folder like I could with earlier version.

What is going on?

I am now looking for and exploring other options and I am considering asking for a refund for the licenses I bought to use both my GSuite accounts.


Same here. This should have NEVER been released as a new version and should have been confined to BETA stages until it is complete and released to those that were brave enough to try it, not general consumption. Missing and broken features, odd behaviour - all kinds of issues.

I use the Windows version and rolled back to the 1.5.7 version within a few days of trying V3.


This is sad. My entire workflow is mac based. I’m a software dev moving between machines a lot. There is no alternative other than the official google backup app :frowning:

@Oliver_Jobson @Rootman automatic syncing of files to an already synced folder should now be working

@htkoca what specific issue are you experiencing that is broken in insync 3?


Same exact problem here with 3.0.27 on Linux Mint 19.+. All 12 files in queue get stuck after a few minutes. Pausing and starting sync gets it going for a few minutes and then the same issue occurs again. No errors reported. The issue halts all further syncing and gets progressively worst to the point it maybe sync’s one file before bombing out again.

Thank you kyle for pulling out my posts! @terpua These are exactly what my issues are.