Getting the path of [number] either results to cycle or is very long

I very recently installed insync and have received this error message on approx 14000 files. All files stored locally and in 1 folder. Syncing has stopped.

Server rebooted but no change.

Any help would be very much appreciated,

Thank you.

OS:Windows Server 2012 R2
Version: 1.2.17

@Gavzey: It appears that the file system is not supported by Insync.What is the file system of the storage drive where the Insync folder(s) is placed? Are you trying to sync to a network drive?

I’m using Stableit Drivepool so it’s a local drive.

It only seems to be a couple of folders that have this issue. The other 200GB or so is fine and syncs with no issues.

@Gavzey: Please send across the logs.db and dbs folder from your machine to


I sent the log files off 6 days ago but no response as of yet.

Any news?

I’m getting these same errors as well. I currently have 17 errors and they all appear to be in a folder that is a Git repo and Android project.

OS: Ubuntu 14.04

@ashughes: What is the file system of the drive where the Insync folder is placed? Please send logs.db file and dbs folder from your machine to


@dipesh The file system is Ext4. I sent the log files to on August 11, but I haven’t heard back from anyone yet. I referenced this thread in my email: Stuck on syncing metadata.

I’m experiencing the same issue on Mac OS El Capitan using the internal drive. Restarting Insync or rebooting does not help. Insync has been “scanning for changes” since then and is not syncing local changes any more.


I also have similar problerm. Can You please help?


hey, posted a workaround for this issue here: 'Getting the tree for 1 either results to cycle or is very long' error (error appears after upgrading to the recent 1.3.19)

Please check our latest release, Insync 1.3.20, which addresses this issue.