Insync 3.2.6 keeps scanning and not synching

Hi, I have insync 3.2.6.
After launch, it syncs some files but then goes in a mode where the tray icon goes gray and GUI keeps scanning a random folder without upload or download.
I have insync on another PC with same OS (Ubuntu 18.04) where it seems to work fine.

Below is how the system icon of insync becomes gray-


and this is how it keeps scanning a single random folder-

I can provide the log.db file, dont seem to be able to upload here.

Any troubleshooting would help.


I have the exact same problem, there is another thread here where me and another person report the same issue.

was there any resolution or response yet?

Hi! Our engineer is looking into this since stuck syncing/scanning is a top priority for the team. We’ll update you guys-- if you haven’t submitted your logs.db and out.txt files please do so to with the link to this post.


Thanks for the prompt reply. Yes I submitted it already.


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I have the same problem here.

I have this same issue, but it’s on on Ubuntu 20.04. Had to move some drive locations around, so it’s worked fine in the past, but after the move it’s getting hung up on scanning. Also to note, new files to upload, so it’s strange.

I’ve submitted the the logs.db and out.txt files, but just wanted to get some visibility into this as well.

I’ve also tried purging and reinstalling, reconnecting, etc., and the issue still persists. Just scans and cranks up the memory usage (currently at 1.5 GB, but I’ve seen it go as high as 2GB in memory).

At the current phase of reinstall, it’s at about 20 hours of scanning for a ~450GB drive store.

Hi guys,
I’m having the exact issue here.
The only differences are I’m using Ubuntu 16.04 and I’m running trial version of Insync (version
I have successfully uploaded ~ 160 GB of local data to my Google drive.
There are remaining of 30+ GB of local data pending upload to my G drive.
Now InSync is stuck at “scanning” status.
What I have tried:

  • stopping/restarting Insync
  • restarting my desktop
  • removed my Google account and re-add it.

Please advise.

I have updated to 3.2.7, it’s a new installation from 3.2.6 and I still see only one account scanning.

I forgot to say, the tray icon is in green.

Exactly the same problem. Scanning takes forever with just only 45 GB of files.
Forgot to say that I had 3.2.7 version.

Our team is prioritizing stuck syncing and we have had some progress with the investigation. Are there any errors / actions required items? If so, kindly clear them and see if Insync progresses then.

For Linux users: are any of you using a network drive as your Base Folder?

(linux user) There are no errors. If they were earlier, I had cleared them. There are no errors since a long time and I have restarted it many times but it stays stuck.
I am not using network drive. The base folder was in home drive but I added a folder from a mounted drive (not part of base folder) to be synced to my google drive. That folder from mounted drive is where the issues are.

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Hi @pankajgupta!

Thanks for mentioning that the stuck syncing is happening to a mounted drive. I’ll forward this to our engineer so we can check if that’s a factor as well.

Hi Mia,
Has this issue been resolved?
Any updates?

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I’m not using any network drive. As I mentioned above, it’s a new installation coming from 3.2.6, with 2 accounts, none of them uploading but else one of them is downloading what I previously deleted inside the synced directories.

Only one account is in stuck sync state, the other one is only downloading what I deleted before.

Same thing here. It seems to get stuck on different files at different times. Currently, I see in the logs that for a single file, insync is cycling between INIT, RUN, DROP >400 times per second, like this:

sqlite> select created, substr(message,1,30) from logs where created >= 1601442733 and created < 1601442734 and message like '%IMG_20170501_201404.jpg%' order by created desc limit 1000;
created           substr(message,1,30)          
----------------  ------------------------------
1601442733.99961  DROP DownloadGDBlob(parent_id=
1601442733.99849  RUN DownloadGDBlob(parent_id=7
1601442733.9983   INIT DownloadGDBlob(parent_id=
1601442733.99759  DROP DownloadGDBlob(parent_id=
1601442733.99648  RUN DownloadGDBlob(parent_id=7
1601442733.99629  INIT DownloadGDBlob(parent_id=
1601442733.99554  DROP DownloadGDBlob(parent_id=
1601442733.99442  RUN DownloadGDBlob(parent_id=7
1601442733.99423  INIT DownloadGDBlob(parent_id=
1601442733.99353  DROP DownloadGDBlob(parent_id=
1601442733.99242  RUN DownloadGDBlob(parent_id=7

I don’t know what Insync is intending to do, but it’s pretty clear that it’s fixated on this file.

(ubuntu 20.04, insync 3.2.8)

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I am facing the same problem. The sync process gets stuck on different files. Using Ubuntu 18.04 and Insync with one Gmail an two G Suite accounts. It started about 1 month ago.

Same problem here on Debian 10.6.

Same problem on Xubuntu 20.04

FWIW, my temporary solution for now is to set up a new folder of Google Drive items that I regularly use and sync only those directories/files. Seems to work now without constant scanning.