New Insync Version: 3.9.0

Release notes:

  • Linux: Improve app security
  • Linux: Improve security of logins with PKCE

Ubuntu: (16.04 Xenial), (18.04 Bionic), (20.04 Focal), (22.04 Jammy), (23.04 Lunar), (23.10 Mantic), (24.04 Noble)
Linux Mint: (18.x), (19.x), (20.x), (21.x)
Fedora: (27), (28), (29), (30), (36), (37), (38), (39)

Debian: Coming soon
Windows 7 and later: Coming soon
macOS 10.13 (High Sierra and later): Coming soon


Will you be updating the Ubuntu ppas?

Let me check with our engineer :slight_smile:

@Bill_Miller Hello! Our engineer has confirmed that we will be doing that soon :slight_smile:

Still nothing on Ubuntu ppas!!! Why???

Some Ubuntu users (like me) have experienced issues with it. I have “held” the existing version so it won’t get overwritten.

I have followed this up with our Linux Team. Thank you for your patience!

@michal.kvasnicka We are making sure that the version we will officially release does not contain any further issues. We haven’t released this version in the PPAs yet because of the reports we received on other Forums threads (as well as through email) regarding v3.9.0.60000 (example here).

Thank you for your patience. Rest assured that we will be releasing the latest version as soon as possible.

To add: we shared a test build (v3.9.0.60002) to some users who have sent us bug reports, and are currently collecting feedback if that fixes the issues they experienced on Once we get the feedback we need, then we will be making the version update official on our downloads page and repositories. :slight_smile: