Bugs and issues   errors + actions required

List of error messages you may encounter in the Actions Required tab (1)
“Your locale is not set to UTF-8. This will raise errors with non-ASCII filenames.” (15)
No permission to add .uuid to fonts (1)
No permission to add [filename] (action required) (4)
Can't process () - unknown encoding: idna (4)
“No permission to delete [file name]” (actions required) (3)
“Syncing for [path] is paused because it went missing” (actions required) (4)
Error When Syncing to Google Drive With A File Size That is Less Than 20 kb (2)
“Can’t upload [file name] - No read access” (2)
Lost folder structure in Drive, not on local machine (7)
.insync-trash folder (4)
“Your account [email] is paused because its syncing location [path] is empty” (actions required) (4)
Consistent "no read access" on new files (4)
“Could not delete [file name]” (actions required) (3)
“Can’t process [file name] - [message]” (error) (1)
“Can’t upload [file name] - Drive storage quota for [email] exceeded” (error) (1)
“Can’t download [file name] - parent is missing” (error) (1)
“Can’t upload [file name] - Google Error” (error) (1)
“Can’t upload [file name] - too many requests to Drive. Try again later.” (error) (1)
“Failed to upload [file name] - try again later” (error) (1)
“Can’t upload [file name] - parent folder [parent name] not found on Drive” (error) (1)
“Copying [file name] is not allowed, please remove it” (error) (1)
“Can’t add [file name] - format not recognized” (error) (1)
“[License name] for [account email] has expired” (actions required) (1)
“Your account [email] is paused because Google Drive is running and using the same folder.” (actions required) (1)
“Can not access account of [email]” (actions required) (1)
“Changes to [file name] can’t be saved in Drive” (actions required) (1)
"No permission to modify [file name]" (actions required) (1)